Present for Mother’s Day

Makes sure to buy a gift and card before Mothers Day, buying them at the last second and giving them late to your Mother looks rushed.

Here’s some good gifts to get your Mother with her card:

  • Flowers
  • Book (if she likes to read)
  • Chocolates
  • Purse
  • Tea/coffee gift basket
  • T-shirt or sweater

Try avoiding buying her dark chocolate unless you know she likes it as its a sickly chocolate.


Buying the right earrings for a women

Hook earrings may be the best since they are easier to put on as you just hook them on. And they don’t have extra parts that can get lost like earrings with back pieces that slide on to the back of the earring to hold it on your ear.

So if you want to buy someone some earrings hook earrings may be more suitable but it depends on what the person likes that you are buying for.

As long as the earrings look “not cheap” and look nice they should be suitable. Keep the receipt just in case as you could say you will buy them something else if they don’t like the earrings rather then getting into an argument.


Affordable Present ideas for romance

Here’s some very low cost present ideas:

1. Call your loved ones favourite radio station and have them dedicate a song to them. You may even be able to have the radio station say the name of your loved one or just their first name if you don’t want to embarrass the person you care about as they may not want their whole name being said on a radio.

2. make a flower bouquet with flowers you find and write a card

3. make a video or song for your loved one to watch

4. make them dinner maybe with candles and music but try to make the dinner relaxing rather then strained like don’t make it look like your trying to hard

A slightly more expensive idea is to buy them a useful gift which they could find useful like a mouse mat, phone / laptop case, headphones, gloves.